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Code of Conduct

The mission of NPsights, PAsights and RNsights (“our company”, “the company”) is to provide a professional networking community where healthcare professionals can share insights and evidence-based solutions, collaborate with peers and find support from like-minded individuals.  To help achieve this mission, our company has adopted the following Code of Conduct.

  • Supportive and Respectful Environment. The community provides a state of the art platform for healthcare professionals to engage with their peers on clinical and non-clinical work-related issues.  The community provides an environment where members can depend on being treated with respect and professionalism in a supportive and non-judgmental manner.  All members are required to post, comment and conduct themselves on the site in a manner consistent with the culture of our company.
  • Anonymity. One of the basic principles of our company is that members can remain as anonymous as they choose.  This is to ensure an extra level of protection for the privacy of members, patients or facilities being discussed.  It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that they do not reveal the identity of any other member or expose any information about another member which that member has not chosen to reveal.
  • Sharing of Evidence-Based Solutions. The object of our company is to provide a platform for healthcare professionals to further their profession by the sharing of proven solutions to issues and problems.  To achieve this goal, members should do their best to share evidence-based solutions and provide supporting information for all recommendations.
  • Conflicts of Interest. All members contributing information on the community site are required to disclose any conflicts of interest.  This can include financial conflicts (i.e., remuneration from a company being discussed, consulting fees, equity participation, royalties), employment conflicts or other conflicts of interest which may influence the information a member provides on the site.  The conflict of interest should be clearly identified in the post, comment or other means of communication to provide full disclosure to all members viewing the information provided.
  • Use of Information. The content provided on our community sites, whether by the company, members, corporate clients or guests of the site, is intended to be for information and educational purpose only and should never be used as a substitute for the professional judgment of a healthcare provider in diagnosing or treating patients.  Neither the content nor any other services offered by or through the company is intended to be for medical diagnosis or treatment.

To protect our membership, the company reserves the right to permanently remove any member from the community who does not abide in full by the company’s Code of Conduct.